Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Launch of Lula Fabric's latest range; Geometrics


Geometric designs in bright clean colours are adorning fashion catwalks and contemporary interiors around the globe. Building on this trend Lula Fabrics brings you their interpretation of geometric designs in bright colours in our latest collection, named ‘Geometrics’.

The inspiration for this range came while I was in New York earlier this year. Fabric designs were geometric , with clean lines, bold scale and intense colour palettes. All these characteristics encompass Lula Fabrics’ ethos and aesthetic of living with colour to liven your interior and lift your mood.

The designs are:
Doodle – which was inspired by just that - a doodle on a piece of paper We have put it into a repeat pattern and it reads as a continuous design with soft edges to compliment the hard edges of the rest of the designs. See chair above.

Herringbone – which has its roots in parquet flooring – this design is timeless and classic!

Metro Square – is a grid of blocks joined with equally thick lines

Honeycomb – a simplified version of a honeycomb taken from nature.

Link – inspired by an ancient Turkish tile design.

‘Geometrics’ marks a departure from our previous collections as we have introduced new colours namely Mediteranean Blue, Sunny Yellow, Cachous Pink and lastly Taupe which contrasts all the bright colours and works really well in a scheme with them. These colours broaden the colour spectrum within Lula and can still be used in conjunction with other fabrics in the Lula Fabrics range. These fabrics are all printed on 100% cotton and are suitable for curtaining and upholstery.
They are washable at 30 degrees.

For more information, visit our website here.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lula Fabrics meets Noli Design & Designers' Axess

Last month, Lula Fabrics participated in the New York International Gift Fair. This month, we are introducing our latest American distributors to you. They are Noli Design Inc. on Long Island, New York and Designers’ Axess in Santa Barbara, California.

We are overjoyed to be represented by such a creative team of designers at Noli Design.
Susan Calabria is the name behind Noli Design. She has been involved in design for over 15 years and created Noli Designs over 7 years ago. She prides herself “by bringing beauty, life and the comforts of home to her clients”.
Noli Design not only focuses on providing gorgeous fabrics to their clients, they also offer services such as planning & design, product selection & presentation.

It is an honour to be affiliated with Designers’ Axess and to be represented alongside well-known designers such as Anne French, Clarke & Clarke, Scalamandre, Vervain and Zoffany. Designers’ Axess aims at providing their clients high-end design products, as well as excellent customer service and convenience. We are so excited to be apart of this!

Thank you for the support. We could not have made it if it was not for you!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lula Fabrics & Sophie Grattan Bellew

Recently, we introduced our UK agent on Lula Fabric’s Facebook page to you. Sophie Grattan Bellow is the acclaimed designer and has been an independent in the design industry since 2008. Her focus is not solely on interiors but also decoration & design and colour consultation.

Her showroom is by apt only. For more info, click here.

As mentioned, Sophie GB distributes Lula Fabrics (link) as well as a few other carefully chosen designers. She recently launched her own range called Ottoboni, which, in Italian, means 8 good things. Take a look here.

Lula fabrics has been distributed by Sophie GB for quite awhile now. Samples of the Lula Fabric ranges are visible on Sophie GB’s website & Pintrest page.

Curious as to why Sophie GB would represent Lula Fabrics? This ( will answer your question.

 If you are interested in making an appointment, contact Grace Berrow at

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lula loves NY

Lula loves NYC

I want to wake up in that city
That doesn't sleep
And find I'm king of the hill
Top of the heap”
- Frank Sinatra

The New York International Gift Fair took place in January this year and Melissa found that she was on top of the world. With the New York International Gift Fair attracting more than 35 000 attendees from throughout America as well as more than 80 countries, this is super exposure for a brand notably Lula Fabrics. The NYIGF hosts about 2800 exhibiting companies showcasing their very best lines.   

                  Melissa showing off her stall at the NYIGF  

There was much interest in Lula Fabrics, namely from Noli Design Interiors, whom is extremely keen on representing Lula Fabrics in Long Island. Susan Calabria, owner and designer of Noli Design Interiors, has been in the design business for over 15 years. Another interested participant is One King’s Lane which is an online store showcasing various home ware products of many designers. Watch this space for a Lula sale on One King’s Lane! Melissa met up with Todd from Roselli & Associates, whom represents various fabric houses, such as Kathryn Ireland and Raoul Textiles. He provided helpful information and suggestions on how to fine-tune Lula Fabrics for the American market. Here we come!

Lula Fabrics was surrounded by fantastic stalls and talented designers from all over the world during the Gift Fair, namely John Robshaw and Jonathan Adler, with their inspiring and impressive range of home ware, fabrics and textiles.

Examples some of the great stores at the NYIGF

It was not all-hard work, with the South African Consulate organizing a tour of various retailers in New York City who have an interest in buying. Some of these retailers were Bloomingdales, ABC Home, West Elm, Anthropologie and Rain. Rain is not a brand unfamiliar to us in South Africa, being a well-known company creating bath and body products.

Rain located at 59 W 49th Street, NY



And when we were not networking, we were exploring the iconic
buildings of the Soho Grand (which as the name suggests, is oh! So
grand), Hudson Hotel and Macau. What makes these establishments so
fabulous is the eclectic mix of style, and it’s patrons.

                Lavish reception of the Hudson Hotel

Whilst our trip was a (glacial) whirlwind, it was a fantastic travel
experience. Lula Fabrics received a lot of exposure from fabulous
brands and we look forward to the next chapter, where we put our
plans into action and make them a reality.